How to make soap at home.. 7 simple steps you know

How to make soap at home

Soap is one of the basic detergents we need, and the soap industry is one of the most important industries known to man since ancient times, and it is an industry that can be known and implemented at home quite easily. The next few lines.

What is the method of making soap at home?

Soap contains many medical and therapeutic materials for the skin, and it is also a certainty of viruses, germs, microbes and other chronic diseases, so soap is one of the most important detergents that can be used at home, and that is also manufactured, and this is what we learn through the following steps:

Homemade soap ingredients

Bring the following ingredients: a liter of natural vegetable oil – a liter and a quarter of cold water – 400 grams of butter or animal ghee – 250 grams of caustic soda – alcohol-free essential oil – natural colors from any perfume store.

Tools needed to prepare soap at home

As for the tools, there are many tools by which soap is prepared, and these tools include: a graduated cup – eye goggles – hand gloves – a wooden spoon – a glass thermometer – molds for forming soap.

Steps for making soap at home

After bringing the ingredients and tools, we do the following steps to prepare the soap at home:


  • We bring fatty materials such as vegetable oil and animal butter and mix them together in a hot water bath and leave them on the fire to boil together, then put the fatty materials while stirring the mixture until all the ingredients are homogeneous with each other.
  • We prepare a quantity of cold water with caustic soda and then gradually pour the soda over the water using a wooden spoon. Precautions such as wearing gloves and goggles should be taken to maintain safety while preparing the soap, stirring the soda with water until completely dissolved.
  • We add the water and soda mixture with the fat mixture, then mix with an electric mixer, and after mixing the materials together we get a cohesive mixture.
  • After leaving the mixture for five minutes, we return and stir the mixture and whisk again until the consistency is more uniform.
  • Apply a small amount of the color, flavor and aroma mixture to the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into the molds, cover with a dry, light cloth and leave for a week or more.
  • After the mold components are completely dry, the soap can be taken out and placed in plastic bags to prevent it from drying out and getting wet.

These are very easy steps, and we learned about them, but we must be wary of chemicals that react with fire, so we focused on taking the appropriate precautions that protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from caustic soda, so we have to know them while preparing.

Soap is one of the most important materials we use today, and this soap is of great benefit to us, and we have learned about these steps during the previous few lines.

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